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    Fibreglass Vs. Vinyl

    A Complete Guide

    Considering a pool with a fibreglass or vinyl liner? We’re here to assist you. Despite the fact that we specialize in fibreglass pools, our goal is for you to be totally satisfied, and for this to happen you need all the information about what pool suits your needs best.

    Is a fibreglass or vinyl liner pool better for me?

    Fibreglass pools are more durable, require less care, have a more elegant appearance and the lifetime cost of ownership is significantly less. Although the upfront cost of a vinyl pool is slightly less than that of a fibreglass pool, they require the liner to be replaced every 7–12 years and this recurring expense can add up!


    Pools made of fibreglass can be up to 16′ wide, 40′ long, and 8.5′ deep with a plethora of different design options available to you. You can also add water features, tiling, bench seats, therapeutic jets, tanning shelves, and coloured lighting to make it your own. Though vinyl pools also have a wide array of options, you shouldn’t feel limited when choosing fiberglass.

    Installation Time

    In comparison to concrete pools, both types of pools offer quick installation times but fiberglass wins the edge by an installation time of only 3-5 days (Not including landscaping). Vinyl pools can take 4 – 8 weeks and will produce significantly more mess in your backyard.


    You won’t have to refinish the gelcoat on a fiberglass pool if it’s done right. The pool’s shell layers of fibreglass provide a lot of flex strength while vinyl liners are less than a millimeter thick so they can be damaged quite easily.


    The gelcoat on fibreglass is inert, which means it has no effect on the pH of the water. You’ll still need to test your water chemistry once a week but adjusting the acidity of the water to balance it will be rare.

    Fiberglass pools work well if you:

    • Have a budget of $45,000 or more
    • Need a small-to-medium pool (16’ x 40’ or smaller)
    • Can find a fibreglass swimming pool design that meets your needs
    • Want the least maintenance possible
    • Need the pool to have flex strength against constant ground vibration
    • Want a pool with low long-term costs
    • Want a quick, easy installation