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    Why Us

    We partnered with Aqua Technics who have over 45 years of industry experience with the ability to build the best swimming pool available today. Their industrial chemists that mix our gelcoats on a daily basis create unique mixtures that allow them to be viable in many different climates and weather conditions. Pool ColourGuard is a worlds first technology that guarantees pool colour will not fade backed by a lifetime warranty. Our pools have support structures incorporated in as part of the manufacturing process, ensuring that they are structurally independent and eliminate the need for further engineering work as your pool ages.

    Graphene Nanotech

    Innovative New Technology In Fibreglass Pools

    Built Like No Other Pool

    Graphene Nano-Tech pools which are lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional GFRP pools, are manufactured using a process that combines graphene-infused resin with traditional GFRP fabrication. Other pool manufacturers use vinyl ester to strengthen the outside of their pools and resist water damage. Here at Coastal Edge Pools, we wished for a more robust option with increased flexural strength to help our pools retain their shape and withstand pressure from the backfill, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads.


    Thanks to our rigorous testing, we found that only a small amount of PureGRAPH mixed with polyester styrene resin and chopped glass fiber reinforcement produced GFRP that was lighter, 30% stronger, and far less susceptible to water diffusion.

    30% Stronger

    200x stronger than steel and 200x stronger than titanium

    Pool’s construction has been strengthened and made more rigid

    Higher impact resistance and flexural strength


    30% Lighter

    Graphene provides tremendous strength

    Pools are stronger without a substantial increase in weight

    Transporting and installation is easier


    Increased Resistance

    More resistant to chemicals, water and moisture transpiration

    Increased laminate durability

    Improved corrosion barrier

    Patented Dual Coat System

    We offer a patented surface protection system that resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals. Backed by a Limited Warranty, it’s like sunscreen for your pool, protecting it from colour loss and weathering. Incorporating a specialized dual coat system, two layers are merged to provide extraordinary surface protection while maintaining its beautiful appearance year after year with a brilliant, high-gloss finish.


    1. Clear Resin – Chemically resistant layer
    2. Colour Layer – Corrosion barrier preventing osmosis
    3. First Structural Layer & Second Chemical Resistant Layer
    4. Microsphere Structural Core
    5. Second Structural Laminate – Increases laminate strength
    6. Third Structural & Reinforced Formers – Increases strength & stiffness
    7. Exterior Waterproof Membrane – Final layer

    Built Stronger, To Last Longer

    Coastal Edge swimming pools are purpose-built to withstand the test of time. Take a look beyond the surface and discover a level of quality that is distinctly Coastal Edge Pools.


    Wall Structure

    Pools are built with a full-size structural ribbing system along the walls. This reinforces the pool and makes it independently structural when installed into a sandy hole, eliminating the need for sand and cement backfill.


    Edge Beam Detail

    A 200mm wide edge beam is standard with every Coast Edge Pool. The design of the edge beam means your pool is structurally sound without having to add secondary engineering works, such as a concrete ring beam. Most paving companies have designed their headers to perfectly fit our edge beams.


    Step Reinforcement

    Support structures in the step area ensure that backfill can easily and effectively be placed around the pool to sustain the entire pool structure. Without this, it would be impossible to ensure the backfill is consolidated under the step area.