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    Graphene Nano-Tech


    Ground Breaking Graphene Nano-Tech

    Graphene Nano-Tech pools, which are lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional GFRP pools, are manufactured using a process that combines graphene-infused resin with traditional GFRP fabrication. Many other pool manufacturers use vinyl ester to strengthen the outside of their pools and resist water damage. Here at Coastal Edge, we wished for a more robust option, as well as increased flexural strength to help our pools retain their shape and withstand pressure from the backfill and either hydrostatic or hydrodynamic loads.


    Thanks to our rigorous testing, we found that only a small amount of PureGRAPH mixed with polyester styrene resin and chopped glass fiber reinforcement produced GFRP that was lighter, 30% stronger, and far less susceptible to water diffusion. Thanks to this breakthrough in fiberglass manufacturing, we have entered a new era for pre-molded fiberglass swimming pools with greater strength, durability, and water and chemical resistance.


    The Next Generation of Pool Engineering

    Integrating Graphene nanotechnology into fiberglass pool construction improves the following characteristics in your pool:


    30% Stronger

    • Graphene is 200x stronger than steel and 200x stronger than titanium
    • The pool’s construction has been strengthened and made more rigid
    • Higher impact resistance and flexural strength


    30% Lighter

    • Because graphene is incredibly light, it provides tremendous strength without adding weight
    • Pools are far stronger without a substantial increase in weight
    • Transporting and installation is easier due to its lightweight


    Increased Resistance

    • A Graphene Nano-Tech pool is more resistant to chemicals, water and moisture transpiration
    • Increased laminate durability
    • Improved corrosion barrier