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Brantford, Ontario
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    About Us

    At Coastal Edge, we endeavor to deliver a great swimming pool experience for all of our customers as the Exclusive Dealer of Aqua Technics Pools, which has manufactured over 60,000 pools since 1976. We are proud to sell their fiberglass pools here at Coastal Edge. Innovation, a superior world-class product, and our ability to exceed expectations in terms of quality, value, and customer service have all contributed to their company’s longevity. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that families enjoy their swimming pool and make memories that will last a lifetime!

    Our Construction Process

    All site prep starts with obtaining the proper permits, if required, and identifying where utilities are located within the project area. The excavation area is then prepared by outlining the pool dimensions with spray paint or using a pre-fabricated template that matches the pool design. Most of the digging will be done by an excavator, which will remove the vast majority of the dirt. Care is taken to follow the outline of the pool by only slightly digging beyond the dimensions of the pool and leveling the pool within the excavation area.


    Once the pool is set level, the process of adding water and backfill begins.  First, 6” of washed sand or 6” of gravel is placed around the bottom radius of the pool. This is called “locking in” the pool. Once the conditions are right to start pouring concrete, the deck surrounding your pool will begin taking shape. An equipment pad will be strategically located on the project site to hold the pump, filter, heater, electrical equipment, and other options that may be part of the installation. Setting up the forms, pouring the concrete, bonding, and letting it settle can take anywhere from 2-3 days, depending on the weather.

    Day 1 – Equipment Arrives & Template Is Drawn
    Day 1 – Site Is Prepped & Excavated
    Day 2 – Pool is set, skimmers & returns cut
    Day 2 – Pool is Backfilled with HPB Screening & water added
    Day 3 – Coping Stone Installed & Equipment Pad Finished
    Installation is Complete
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