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    Renovation Process

    If your backyard makes you want to shut the door and stay inside instead of enjoying your outdoor space, it’s time for a backyard transformation. No matter the square footage, a backyard remodel can add value to your home and become your favorite place to hang out. Whether you’re looking to create a place to entertain or a retreat that’s just for you, our renovations will have you ready to remodel the great outdoors.


    1. Permit Acquisition and Utility Identification

    The construction process kicks off by obtaining the necessary permits and identifying the location of utilities within the project area. This ensures compliance with regulations and safety standards.

    2. Excavation Area Preparation

    The excavation area is meticulously prepared by outlining the pool dimensions using spray paint or a pre-fabricated template matching the pool design. An excavator is employed to remove the majority of dirt, with careful attention to following the pool outline and achieving a level excavation.

    3. Pool Placement and Leveling

    Once the excavation is complete, the pool is set level within the prepared area. This involves slight digging beyond the pool dimensions and leveling the pool appropriately.

    4. “Locking In” the Pool

    To secure the pool in place, 6 inches of washed sand or gravel is placed around the bottom radius of the pool. This step is known as “locking in” the pool and provides a stable foundation.

    5. Water and Backfill Process

    Water and backfill are introduced around the pool, beginning with 6 inches of washed sand or gravel. This process enhances the stability of the pool and prepares it for the subsequent steps.

    6. Concrete Deck Formation

    With the pool set and conditions suitable, the construction of the deck surrounding the pool commences. Forms are set up, and concrete is poured, followed by bonding and settling. This phase, depending on weather conditions, can take 2-3 days to complete.

    7. Equipment Pad Installation

    To house essential equipment, such as the pump, filter, heater, and electrical components, an equipment pad is strategically located on the project site. This final step ensures the proper functioning of the pool and its associated systems.