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    Coastal Edge swimming pools are purpose-built to withstand the test of time. Take a look beyond the surface and discover a level of quality that is distinctly Coastal Edge Pools.

    Wall Structure

    Pools are built with a full-size structural ribbing system along the walls. This reinforces the pool and makes it independently structural when installed into a sandy hole, eliminating the need for sand and cement backfill.

    Edge Beam Detail

    A 200mm wide edge beam is standard with every Coast Edge Pool. The design of the edge beam means your pool is structurally sound without having to add secondary engineering works,* such as a concrete ring beam. Most paving companies have designed their headers to perfectly fit our edge beams.

    Step Reinforcement

    Support structures in the step area ensure that backfill can easily and effectively be placed around the pool to sustain the entire pool structure. Without this, it would be impossible to ensure the backfill is consolidated under the step area.